Tips for the Perfect Night Out

Going out at night is always a good way to relax and let loose after a hectic day or week. However, sometimes the perfect night out can present its own set of challenges and cause stress if it’s not planned for properly. There are tactics that you can implement to make sure your night out goes smoothly and you spend all the time having fun and not worrying about other things. I’ll cover everything from picking the best outfit and accessories to planning the event and coordinating with friends. First, let’s talk about outfit and accessories

Dress or Outfit ensemble: When it comes to choosing what to wear for your night out be sure to choose something that fashionable but comfortable. Many girls are willing to sacrifice comfort for style and that’s fine if you can handle it but if you can’t it’s better to put some thought into picking something comfortable. Take into considerations your plan for the night, are you going to dinner with friends or coworkers. Are you going to a wine tasting or going to a bar or a club. All these factors will play into the outfit you end up picking.

Picking Your Shoes: If you’re going to be on your feet for most of the night, ensure to wear comfortable shoes. There are heels that can also be comfortable so long as they have good platforms. You can also opt for a wedge or a block heel which does the job but gives you more balance. Depending on where you’re going you could wear boots or stilettos. You have to take all that into consideration. Flats can also work for a night out, most people prefer not to wear flats but if that’s what you want you can pick something fancy and wear it with confidence and still look fabulous. At the end of the day(no pun intended) all that matters the most is how you carry yourself.

Choosing a Clutch: For most ladies, in addition to picking an outfit for a night out like the little black dress (LBD) or a simple jean, pants or cute blouse, picking out a clutch is also as important. Ladies need clutches that not only fit their outfit but are also convenient to carry and not bulky. For going out at night, ladies don’t need the inconvenience of a big handbag that’s used during the day but at the same time, they want a bag that’s small and fashionable with enough space to contain their necessities like lipstick, wallet, phone, keys and a few others. This is why Clutches are widely sort after. Every lady has at least one clutch in her closet.

Planning the night

Now that you have your outfit all picked out, you also need to coordinate with friends. This can get pretty tedious but there are steps you can take to simplify the process.

Facebook event: You can set up a Facebook event and it goes a long long way to simplify the process and coordinate with everyone. Since everyone is in the same place you can choose a date, take a pool and just make the plan with everyone on board. It’s really convenient.

Sending out a group text: Sending out a mass group text is a great way to get that quick response about planning a gathering. They can get quickly annoying though so make sure to not send messages in the middle of the night.

Use Apps:  Whether you’re organizing a low-key dinner with friends, a night out, a birthday party or even a wedding, gone are the logistical nightmare days of having to rely on repeated rounds of calls and text conversations to make arrangements. Thanks to continued advancement in technology, you can use apps to choose bars, restaurants, and another venue. The days of nights out falling apart because no one is able to make a decision about anything are gone. You can check from a local app to see if a bar is crowded or not.And there’s minimal risk that you’ll accidentally leave someone behind, stranding them in that bar that turned out to be awful or have to persuade your group to wait for someone who never shows.Today’s tech has taken all the pain out of planning a great night out. Everyone can stay in touch in real-time, and great places to eat, drink, or dance the night away can be found without specialized local knowledge. You can also use apps like Uber and Cabify to plan your movements and Tinder social to make a new group of friends.

Choose a place everyone loves: So choose a place that is delicious or offers something for everyone. It’s even better if that place is a central location for all. A good burger or steak place is always good for dinner plans because it’s easy to please everyone with that. If you have a friend or a couple of friends that are vegetarian make sure the restaurant you choose has vegetarian options. And if you have vegan friends they can stay at home.

Make it clear all are welcome: If it’s a big outing make it clear that plus ones and significant others are welcome. And if it’s a party make it clear that friends with kids can come with their kids Tell them to forget the baby sitter and just bring their kiddos along. Sure it isn’t always ideal but it’s better than not meeting up at all.

Be decisive: If all else fails, you might just have to get stern with everyone. Set a date, time, and place, and just tell everyone to be there. When everyone can’t collectively decide on a date or time or place you have to step up and make the decision.

Tips for Parents

If you’re a new parent nervous about leaving your child with a babysitter for the first time.

Pick a familiar face: For the first couple of times, leave your child with a person he knows, such as a grandparent. If you’re using a new sitter, have her come an hour early so that your baby can get used to her.

Start Early: Short absences, such as going out to dinner, can begin when the baby is a month old. But, if possible, don’t leave for an overnight trip until your child is 18 months to 3 years old. After 3, kids really understand that you’ll return.

Take Baby Steps: The first time, do a few errands, popping in and out. Build up to dinner, then you’ll be ready for dinner and a movie.